Article Review

Article Review: Review and Discussion to Address Low Trainer to Staff Ratios (AR 3)

Karsten, A.M., Axe, J.B., & Mann, C.C. (2015) Review and discussion of strategies to address low trainer-to-staff ratios. Behavioral Interventions, 30, 295-313.

1. Describe the components of video-based feedback
2. Describe the practical benefits of video modeling
3. Identify evidence-based training strategies
4. Describe practical considerations for incorporating video modeling, video-based feedback, self-instruction, and distance training into training practices

You will earn 1 Type II BACB CEU when you read the article and take the corresponding final quiz. After completing the final quiz with a score of 90% or higher, you will be able to download a certificate from the certifications section. You will have 7 days to complete the journal review.
  • AR: Review & Discussion of Strategies to Address Low Trainer to Staff Ratios
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever